About Us

Department of Crop and Soil Sciences

Crop and Soil Sciences offers Honours’ Degree in Crop Science, Bachelor of Agriculture (Crop Science). The duration of the degree program is five years of ten semesters. In the first semester of the 400 levels (4th year), students will proceed on a six-month Farm Practical Training (FPT) in agricultural and agro allied industries and farms.
The philosophy of the department is in consonance with the vision of Landmark University, which is to spearhead an agrarian revolution through the exploration of hidden treasures in the mother-earth, thereby providing relevant and appropriate solutions to the myriads of problems confronting the country’s agricultural sector.
The department adopts a very practical and realistic approach to the solution of all food production challenges based upon a sound mastery of the principle of Land, Crop Systems and Environment. This is to ensure the turning out of graduates who will impact the society and environment positively and bring about the desired Landmark changes in the agricultural sector that will be an example to the whole world.

The objectives of the department include:
• To turn-out production- oriented graduates capable of transforming agricultural practice using techniques that are more efficient, productive, and profitable to achieve food security;
• To raise a new generation of graduates who will profitably put their broad-based qualitative education and skill into operation by establishing and operating their own farming enterprises;
• To train high level manpower that are adequately equipped with comprehensive theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for providing quality food for the world’s growing population.


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